Flower Blanks – Painted Paradise


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Flower Blanks – Painted Paradise

Flower Blanks – Painted Paradise is a series of blanks that consist of a faux burl resin on the bottom and misc flower(s) on top in clear resin. Each blank is uniquely different in coloring and flowers. The resin burl is to help hide the brass insert or threads of the bottle stopper or project kit.

The drop down menu will show you which blanks are in stock. Once a blank is purchased it will disappear from the inventory. Since a group of blanks are in one photo it is possible that all but one of the blanks are sold. We do our best with representing each blank in the photos. There may be flowers that are unseen in the pictures due to them being hidden in the photo.

Each blank is roughing 1.5″ round x 2.5″ long.

We highly recommend Negative Rake cutters when turning these blanks.

Each blank will have voids. These can be filled in with CA glue. The blank will also need a CA finish when done.

Made in U.S.A by Kayla Cooper a.k.a. Flower Girl Blanks

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